A comparison of george orwells 1984 to american society today

4 Predictions From Orwell’s '1984' That Are Coming True Today

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Jun 06,  · When George Orwell penned his now-famous dystopian novel, "" — released 67 years ago in June — it was intended as fiction. The futuristic setting is more than three decades in our rearview mirror, but many aspects of the book have come eerily true today.

Compare To Today. Orwell's epic novel was published in it opened the public's imagination to a future world, where privacy and freedom had no meaning. The year has come and gone and recent advances in technology have emerged. George Orwell's '' (first published ) still holds a lot of significance for societies and people today.


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What is the similarity between 1984 and society today?

Orwell’s is more than a brilliant work of art and one of the most important works in the literature. One can easily compare the book with reality, today’s modern society.

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A comparison of george orwells 1984 to american society today
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4 Predictions From Orwell’s '' That Are Coming True Today