Anthesis-silking interval asi

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Make corn see the light

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Crop Science 39Documentation rates were 0, 30, 60, and 90 kg N ha-1 in Embu and 0, 40, 80, and kg N ha-1 in Reading and Kiboko.

Stress, Anthesis - Silk Interval and Corn Yield Potential

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Similar findings were also coincided in the observation of [27]. anthesis-silking interval (ASI), leaf rolling measured on a scale of after irrigation withdrawal and before flowering (1 = unrolled (turgid), 2 = leaf rim.

Impact of Moisture Stress on Seed Yield in Tropical Maize Femi Emmanuel Awosanmi Seed Science laboratory, Department of Crop • anthesis-silking interval (ASI) - This was computed as the interval in days between dates of tasseling and silking • number of ears harvested (EHARV) - This was the.

Result on Anthesis-silking interval (ASI) was significant for Table dailywn.comed analysis for agronomic performance of maize genotypes conducted at three different locations (Rampur, Nepalgunj and Parwanipur) during summer season of S. N. Genotypes Days to 50 % Pl. ht. Anthesis – silking interval (ASI) Genotypes responded to water stress by increasing ASI as indicated by the mean of well watered being while that of water stress being (Appendix 2).

The trend in breeding programme is to select against the. For grain yield and anthesis-silking interval, RKHS methods performed either similarly or better than the BL; however, for female and male flowering traits in maize, BL outperformed RKHS markedly.

The BL is an additive model, whereas RKHS may be able to capture complex epistatic interactions better (e.g., G ianola and van K aam ). Corn Performance under Managed Drought Stress and in a Kura Clover Living Mulch Intercropping System Cathrine Ziyomo, Kenneth A.

asi ne demek?

Albrecht, John M. Baker, and Rex Bernardo* ), and the anthesis–silking interval (ASI) was recorded as the difference, measured in days, between silking and pollen shed. Leaf senescence or stay-green was.

Anthesis-silking interval asi
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"Genotype by Nitrogen Management Investigations Into Mitigating Stress " by Heather Randolph Pasley