Demographic analysis

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Market Demographic Analysis

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Demographic analysis

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Demographics & Lifestyle Analysis

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Demographic Analysis.


Demographic analysis is a technique used to develop an understanding of the age, sex, and racial composition of a population and how it has changed over time through the basic demographic processes of birth, death, and migration.

Demographic Analysis 42 While the population significantly increased during the entire thirty years between andthe ’s marked the most notable increase. Demographic analysis is important for businesses to gain a clear understanding of what is occurring within their area.

Factors that pertain to housing and population can. Demographics.

What Is Demographics Analysis?

Demographics are objective identifiers of consumers that include traits or characteristics such as age, sex, marital and parental status, and income and educational levels.

Depending on your product or service, you might only need to know a few demographics about your customer. Examples of Demographic Analysis.

In this sales dashboard example we see some interactive drilling techniques exposéd. Active in this screen shot are the slider date restrictions, also the search function has been utilized to pinpoint a specific type of customer, allowing the data to be restricted to the customers selected.

Demographic analysis is useful in understanding purchasing characteristics for different market segments. While demographics can be collected and analyzed without the use of geographic information systems, GIS often aids and enhances the analysis.

Demographic analysis
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