El lissitsky lazlo moholy nagy

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El Lissitzky

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László Moholy-Nagy

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DESCRIPTION. A curatorial strategy aimed at generating a new art collection for a limited period of time. El Lissitzky was a Russian born artist, designer, typographer, photographer and architect who designed many exhibitions and propaganda for the Soviet Union in the early 20th century.

His development of the ideas behind the Suprematist art movement were very influential in the development of the Bauhaus and the Constructivist art movements. In Berlin he also met and befriended many other artists, most notably Kurt Schwitters, László Moholy-Nagy, and Theo van Doesburg.

Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum; El Lissitzy (). El Lissitzky, – Architect Painter Photographer Typographer. Municipal Van Abbemuseum. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and The Bauhaus Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian constructivist who was gifted in most forms of the visual arts.

Technical Detours: The Early Works of Moholy-Nagy Reconsidered

He was born in and raised in the city of Bachsbarsad, Hungary and studied law in Hungary's capital of Budapest. there are some truly magnificent and stylistically ground-breaking samples of early 20th century graphic design here.

most of the selections represent the pinnacle of the german and russian avante-garde designers of the 's and 30's, including alexandr rodchenko, el lissitsky, lazlo-moholy nagy Format: Paperback.

El lissitsky lazlo moholy nagy
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