Electrochemistry electrode potential

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Electrochemical Cells

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Electrode Potential

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Sep 25,  · This video contains classroom lecture at RADIANCE Jabalpur. Please visit: dailywn.com P a g e | 5 5 pH temperature sensor sample reference electrode pH glass electrode meter The following table lists theoretical slopes for different temperatures.

Electrode potential, E, in chemistry or electrochemistry, according to a IUPAC definition, is the electromotive force of a cell built of two electrodes. on the left-hand side of the cell diagram is the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE), and; on the right-hand side is the electrode in question.

The SHE is defined to have a potential of 0 V, so the signed cell potential from the above setup is. Experiment 9 Electrochemistry I – Galvanic Cell Introduction: Chemical reactions involving the transfer of electrons from one reactant to another are called oxidation-reduction reactions or redox dailywn.com a redox reaction, two half-reactions occur; one reactant gives up electrons (undergoes oxidation) and another reactant gains electrons (undergoes reduction).

Electrochemistry deals with the links between chemical reactions and electricity.


This includes the study of chemical changes caused by the passage of an electric current across a medium, as well as the production of electric energy by chemical reactions. In practice, the pH is not usually measured in this way because it requires hydrogen gas at standard pressure, and the platinum electrode used in the standard hydrogen electrode is easily fouled by the presence of other substances in the solution (Ebbing).

Electrochemistry electrode potential
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