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Stream RVNG’s ‘Synthesist’ Reissue and Read Harald Grosskopf’s Commentary

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Mar 02,  · In summerHarald Grosskopf-- a drummer who lived in Berlin and had appeared on recordings by Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers, and others-- holed up in the apartment of a friend in Krefeld, Germany, to record his debut solo dailywn.com: Cun Cun Revival. While it may sound like a synth-driven tour of the stratosphere on the surface, Harald Grosskopf‘s Synthesist LP is actually haunted by the ghost of Grosskopf’s estranged girlfriend and driven by the drummer’s newfound love of electronic music.

That love had a price, however: learning to deal with temperamental equipment and a rudimentary sequencer while [ ]. If you needed a drummer to play on your krautrock album in the s, Harald Grosskopf was the guy you called. He was a member of Wallenstein and played on albums by Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, You and Cosmic Jokers/5().

16) Harald Grosskopf - "Synthesist" from Synthesist (RVNG INTL.) 17) Bennie Maupin - "Quasar" from Slow Traffic to the Right (Mercury) 18) Chasing Voices -. Feb 24,  · Five questions to Harald Grosskopf Born in Hildesheim - Germany - on October 23rdHarald Grosskopf is one of the most active musicians of his generation.

Since the 70's he can de heard on more than 95 albums of very important bands and artists such as Wallenstein, Cosmic Jokers, Ashra Tempel/Manuel Göttshing, Klaus Schulze and Walter Author: Astronauta Pinguim.

Until now Harald Grosskopf produced six solo albums, the last, – SYNTHESIST - was released in October Harald can be heard on more than CD’s/LP’s, of other artists.

Harald can be heard on more than CD’s/LP’s, of other artists.

Harald grosskopf synthesist blogspot
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