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The Significance Act ended further claims by scholars to grant lands:. Land Under Roads- A financial Bonanza or Fool’s Gold?

Outline Introduction The Law Related to LUR LUR As A Public Good Special Features of LUR As A Public Good Land under road is Government asset or not Is LUR Part of the Financial Position of Local Government?

The Need for valuation of LUR Accounting for roads Conclusion Discussion. Roads to the Future took this photo of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge while standing on the Virginia shoreline, in February The floating construction equipment near the main span is associated with work on the existing bridge deck.

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Statistics. SUMMARY On LAND UNDER ROADS – A FINANCIAL BONANZA OR FOOLS GOLD? The report AAS27, declares that Land under Roads (LUR) being the councils property, must be included in their financial statements to assist in efficient management of such lands and accountability statements for the rate payers.

Purpose Please find attached a financial accounting technical paper concerning Land Under Roads. The paper provides guidance on the accounting and reporting of land under.

Land under roads a financial
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