Mobile forensics

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Magnet AXIOM Advanced Mobile Forensics (AX300)

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Digital forensics

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Many students take the attitudes course online and speed the Logical Operator and Closer Operator courses in person. Follow Jason on Twitter. Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous devices that handle, create, and store massive amounts of information about our lives. Mobile Forensics Central provides essential information for Mobile Device Analysis.

Digital Investigators can generate custom Phone Reports detailing what software, cables and tools are compatible with the device they are trying to analyze. Software updates, Training Information and News. Computer and Mobile Forensics Training Boot Camp InfoSec Institute’s Authorized Computer and Mobile Forensics boot camp prepares students for the CCFE and CMFE certification examinations by teaching the necessary skills to investigate computer and mobile threats and computer crime.

Discover the tools and techniques of mobile forensic investigations and make sure your mobile autopsy doesn’t miss a thing, all through powerful practical recipes. Welcome to, the website where you can learn everything about fingerprinting, its history, and its present day use. contains informative and useful articles on the subjects of Human Fingerprinting, DNA Fingerprinting, Fingerprinting Services, and Fingerprinting. Cellebrite services the Law Enforcement community with advanced tools and platforms in the digital domain, including Mobile Forensics, Triage and Analytics.

Mobilogy produces hardware and software for phone-to-phone data transfer, backup, mobile applications electronic software distribution, and data analysis tools.

Mobile forensics
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