Passport automation system

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Passport Automation System

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Passport automation system

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Passport Automation System Problem Statement Passport Automation System is used in the effective dispatch of passport to all of the applicants. This system adopts a comprehensive approach to minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner.

The core of the system. Passport Automation System is an interface between the Applicant and the Authority responsible for the Issue of Passport.

It aims at improving the efficiency in the Issue of Passport and reduces the complexities involved in it to the maximum possible extent. “ Passport Automation System “ 1. AIM – To develop PassportAutomation System.

2. PROBLEM STATEMENT – The following problems were faced during the manual. ACTIVITY DIAGRAM: Applicant Administrator Police Fill Application Form Get Applicant Id View Application Form Forward To Police verify details correct Choose Verification Date Allow To Apply Passport Create Schedule verify correct incorrect Dispatch Passport cancel Passport incorrect Not Allow To Apply Passport.1/5(1).

To develop the passport automation system software using UML language. It is the interface between applicant and authority responsible for issue the passport.

The Passport Application System for Indian Nationals is being automated with a user-friendly interface and a strong back-end support. Every citizen of India who wishes to apply for his/her passport has to create a personal login account by registering himself/herself at first.

Passport automation system
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