Rajaraja cholan

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Raja Raja Chola I

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Mysteries Solved: Secrets of the Thanjavur (Tanjore) Brihadeeswarar Temple Built By RajaRaja Chola. In Indian history, King Raja Raja Chola occupies a special place.

Raja Raja Chola I

A fierce warrior, a brilliant architect, a great philanthropist, but most of all, a man whose death is shrouded in mystery. By the 1st century BCE, a series of sea and land routes throughout India supported trade among regions of the subcontinent and with the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

Rome's conquest of Egypt. Raja Raja Cholan I (or Rajaraja Cholan I) born as Arulmozhi Varman known as Raja Raja Cholan was a Chola Emperor from present day South India who ruled over the Chola kingdom of Ancient Tamil Nadu (parts of southern India), parts of northern India, two thirds of Sri Lankan territory (Eezham), Maldives and parts of East Asia, between.

Rajaraja was born Arulmozhi Vendar and was the third child of Parantaka Sundara Chola. Rajaraja Chola's mother, Vaanavan Maadevi, was the daughter of Thirukkovilur king, Malayamaan Thirumudi Kaari.

A state located on the southeastern side of the Indian peninsula, Tamil Nadu's cultural history spans more than 2, years, with a distinct heritage shaped by the region's majority Dravidian.

Rajaraja cholan
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