Roanoke colony

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What happened to the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke?

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Roanoke Colony deserted

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The search began when an anxious Englishman named John White waded ashore on North Carolina’s Roanoke Island years ago this month.

Appointed governor of the fledgling Roanoke colony by Sir. The Roanoke Colony was a British colony in North America that disappeared mysteriously. It is called the "Lost Colony."It was on Roanoke Island in what is today Dare County, North Carolina, in the United was started in by Sir Walter disappeared sometime between and Today, nobody knows what happened to the people who were living there.

Oct 12,  · The Roanoke settlers weren’t good people. They viewed the natives as savages, and they treated them like savages, too. From the moment the colony was established, they built bad blood with the people around them.

Aug 11,  · Archaeological finds in North Carolina may provide clues to the fate of at least some of the Roanoke Island colonists who vanished in the late s. The Roanoke Colony, also known as the Lost Colony, was an early settlement established on Roanoke Island off the shore of North Carolina.

Intended as a permanent English settlement, the colony was financed and organized by Sir Walter Raleigh under a charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. Click Images for Full Size. Sir Walter Raleigh funded and authorized the expeditions to Roanoke Island.

Roanoke colony mystery: Could this strange rock reveal the settlers' fate?

Image courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.

Roanoke colony
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