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iSleep Smart

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

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That’s why we invented i-Sleep Smart pillow. Our Solution. The secret of our pillow is that it uses your senses to help you fall asleep and wake up: Smell a relaxing pleasant lavender aroma all nigh with our small removable aroma sacks on both sides of the Pillow.

Waking up tired can be due to many reasons. Unlike apps or wearable activity trackers, Beddit is made for the bedroom. THE WORLD'S FIRST SMART SLEEP SYSTEM. Nightingale can be controlled via iOS and Android mobile apps, or a web browser from any PC.

Automatic scheduling allows you to program Nightingale to turn on before bedtime and turn off before you wake up. Hexoskin is the leader in Smart Clothing, software & AI data analytics.

The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are clinically validated for continuous ECG, HRV, Respiratory, Activity, Sleep & Stress monitoring.

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The Hexoskin Smart Garments are used by sports athletes, healthcare, defense, aerospace &. Sleep Smarter is a fun and entertaining look at how sleep impacts your body, brain, and performance, and it's jam-packed with real world tools to help you recharge your life by revolutionizing your sleep.

The principle behind Polyphasic Sleep is both logically correct and scientifically proven: Human beings function at a higher level and need less total sleep when their daily sleep periods are divided into multiple cycles of mid-length core sleep and short naps.

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